Hurricane Michael: Important Information

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Extreme Weather: Hurricane Michael – Important Information

Restrictions due to Severe Weather

Extreme weather warnings can cause restrictions on insurance activities. When there is an extreme weather warning for a county, our companies require that we cease certain activities in that area.

These restrictions are as follows:

New Business

We cannot write any full coverage auto policies or any homeowners policies


We will not be able to reinstate any policy


If you currently do not have a full coverage vehicle, we cannot add a full coverage vehicle or change your policy to full coverage
Once the storm restrictions have passed, we will be able to continue to do those listed activities.


What does this mean for you?

If your policy is up for renewal, currently cancelled, or due to cancel this week or over the weekend you will need to make your payment before the Severe Weather Warnings begin. These warnings will likely begin Tuesday night, but are subject to change due to the unpredictable nature of these extreme storms.

Remember, you can avoid waiting on hold by paying your policy online at


Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael has been rapidly strengthening as it approaches Florida. As you can see, Michael is expected to cross Florida and Georgia and continue up through the Carolinas. According to current projections from NOAA, Michael looks like it will begin affecting our area Thursday.